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Located in the old library of Peter’s hometown. Right beside the Linnaeus tower, botanical garden, and former university of Harderwijk. His new solo exhibition named ‘Artheneum’ manifests. In the epicenter of this ancient city, which gained city rights as early as 1231 A.D. – where Peter was born and raised – he painted fifteen new lifesized artworks. Ranging up to two meters high and four meters wide, these works reflect on significant personal experiences in his life.

In the place where Peter used to borrow his reading books as a child, he transferred a wide range of ideas, recent memories and emotions on canvas. Resulting in a mixed media explosion of vibrant colors and complex compositions.

In addition to Peter’s multidisciplinary academic background, a personal desire and need to explore and understand the psychical reality, and individual interpretations of it, have over the years resulted in reading and studying hundreds of books. Therefore, the location of his art studio and art exhibition clearly showcases a significant personal relevance on historical and intellectual levels.



The fifteen artworks were created over the course of ten weeks and during a period of strong emotions and complicated personal experiences. Logically, this is directly observable in the artworks, as well signaled via the titles. Contemplations about society and ethics are integral elements of the works.

As most of you know, Peter is quite an easy conversational partner when fixated on rationality. Though communicating on the emotional level is something that often exceeds his intentional ability. And being reclusive in certain areas of his emotional participation in life, he tries to direct that internal conflict towards the canvas. Hopefully transferring a pure level of emotion. Sometimes bright as sunlight, and sometimes from a darker part of his existence.

“Artheneum is here. An artistic metaphysical manifestation. It triggered me, it exhausted me, it helped me endure, and it will survive me. Artheneum defines who I am today and it helps me prepare for tomorrow. Now let us see how it affects you in the future”.

Peter Riezebos